DOES YOUR CHILD HAVE ADHD? Or is it a vision problem?The connection between ADHD and vision:

There are different types of ADHD. However, in general there are four areas that can demonstrate a possible dysfunction:

  • Executive Foundation
  • Attention
  • Memory
  • Perception

Executive Foundation
The ability to plan, organization and time management.

Children with ocular movement and fixation dysfunction will find it difficult to maintain fixation at one point at space for efficient time in order to perceive the visual information. Therefore, the ability to fixate and ocular movement should be trained. Once the fixation is achieved the next step in the process can be trained which is the ability to understand and memorised the visual information for long time.

Children with low visual memory ability will find it difficult to repeat a read paragraph. Low visual memory will affect the comprehension and understanding of reading material.

Visual perception includes a variety of visual functioning. It is the ability to perceive a three dimensional image. This can demonstrate a poor visual acuity or a dysfunctional binocular system. A strong binocular system stimulates the binocular cells and promotes the visual information into deeper layers of the visual cortex.

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