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Learning and Reading Problems?

Do you wonder why some people just find reading, remembering and understanding easy?

Often the cause of these problems is an undiagnosed or unresolved treatable problem.

See the World Better

Your sense of sight and how you experience the world is very important to everyone.

Many people live their lives with vision problems but don’t know they have them. They have problems with memory, learning, reading and the use of numbers.

Often the cause of these problems is undiagnosed as they do not call for either glasses or a medical procedure.

The good news is that if the problem is diagnosed, understood and resolved people enjoy a world of difference.

What You Really See?

How you see the world is a two-step process.

Your Eyes See

We use our eyes as a light and data input device. Your eyes are like a camera lens or the camera’s hardware. Your eyes need to function properly in order to deliver a clear, focused image to your brain.

Your Brain Processes

Your eye’s inputs then go to your brain where they are processed and recorded. Like many modern cameras, the data is processed using software and then recorded to a memory card.

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