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What is Vision Therapy?

We all know that if you exercise your muscles and brain they improve. Similarly, exercising your visual system can improve both your vision and how your brain process visual inputs.

Vision Therapy involves a range of proven techniques and exercises designed to both measure vision problems and resolve issues around how your vision system works.

Why Is Eye Exercise Important?

Of our five senses, our vision is easily the most significant for information inputs. It is critical for learning and drives much of our emotional relationship with the world. Poor vision or visual processing undermines your learning efficiently.

What Signs Indicate a Need for a Vision Therapy Test?

Because of your vision system’s significance there are many behavioural and learning signals that can indicate problems. Some common indicators are:

  • Behavioural Indicators
    Learning Indicators

  • Poor concentration
    Confuses Left and Right

  • Inability to pay attention in class
    Reverses letters eg: b for d or 6 for 9

  • Poor behaviour at school
    Difficulty copying from the board

  • Unexplained headaches
    Slow reading and poor comprehension

  • Difficulty following instructions
    Slow refocusing

  • Gets lost easily
    Skipping words or aligning words when reading

  • Mostly turns away from parallel
    Predicting what next rather than read on

  • Suffers car sickness
    Problems identifying shapes and names

  • Difficulty with ball sports
    Messy Writing

  • Red, strained eyes, rubbing or burning eyes
    Is challenged with brain visualisation

When is Vision Therapy Required?

Whether your child has been diagnosed with a learning disorder or you are simply a concerned parent, if you regularly observe any of the above signs an initial test could be valuable.

What is Involved with Vision Therapy?

After a detailed assessment, if any vision problems are identified, a personalised exercise program can be created. Typically this involves several exercises each designed to develop or correct a specific vision problem.

Exercises are designed to develop your eyes performance, behaviour and how efficently your brain processes the signals.

While it can be used to prevent eye problems from developing, often patients are learning how to treating and rectify their existing problems.

Is Vision Therapy Medically Proven?

Vision therapy has been developed over decades of scientific measurement and assessment. The tests for assessing any visual therapy needs or the actual exercises are medically proven by peer reviewed research worldwide.

What You Should Do?

Eye exercises can greatly how you see, what you see, and how your brain processes what you see. If there is doubt about your child’s vision or learning find out more.

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