Learning Disorders

Learning disorders are a group of disorders that affect an individual’s ability to obtain, process, store, and react to specific information. In children this may affect their ability to read, write, speak, listen, spell, and speak. They can often be misunderstood for disorders of mental health or laziness. Children with learning disorders often have difficulty developing certain academic and social skills, and can find it hard to keep up with children of the same age group.

Learning disorders in children include attention deficit disorders, dysphasia (impairment of speech production), dyslexia (difficulty learning to read), and other reading disorders. Orthoptic interventions have been found to be beneficial for children suffering from reading disorders related to eye coordination. Orthoptics is a technique that employs a special set of eye exercises targeted to improve the movement of the eyes and visual tracking. This along with certain behavioural modifications and vision therapy involving the use of various lenses, prisms, filters, and eye patches have been found to help children with learning disorders related to lack of eye coordination. Special devices such as vectograms, stereoscopes, synoptophores, and special computerized orthopticsmay be used by an orthoptist for training of vision and vergence skills. Each child is unique and the methods used and the duration of treatment may vary depending on your child’s needs.

At Sydney Orthoptic, we will help design an individualised treatment plan that is comfortable for you and your child to help him/her achieve greater success in life.

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