What is orthoptic vision treatment? Is it a medical treatment?
Orthoptic eye therapy was establish many decades ago and has been developing quickly in both diagnosis and treatments.

Orthoptic eye therapy is scientifically based medical treatment. It is not holistic treatment.

What does orthoptic treatment include?
Orthoptic eye therapy includes improvement of the visual functioning in general and the binocular system in specifically.

How can it improve my child’s learning?
The most common reason of low visual perception that can results in poor learning and reading ability is low or dysfunction binocular system. Typically, once the binocular vision improves the patient’s visual perception ability improves.

ADHD or Vision problems?
Studies demonstrated that some of the signs and symptoms of convergence insufficiency and accommodation insufficiency are the similar to the signs and symptoms of ADHD.

Once the binocular system functioning is better the visual perception ability will improve. However, not in all cases will this occur automatically. It is good management to train all components of the visual perception.

After the therapy is finished the binocular and perception system test again in order to be able to measure the improvement.

What does the treatment involve?
Optimal results for orthoptic eye therapy require an in rooms appointment once a week. This should be followed up with daily practice at home.

Improvement can be noticed within seven days. In most of the cases the time frame for that common problems is 3 months.

This is of course subject to any other pathology or abnormality.

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