Eye Tests

Visual System Assessment Overview or testing your eye’s hardware

Visual System is our ability to capture an accurate representation of what is seen. The light inputs or data needs to be clear.

There are different elements that can impact of your eye as an input system. In the visual system assessment we will cover all aspects of how you eye collects what it sees. In summary these tests assess:

  • Visual Functioning
  • Orthoptic Alignment
  • Eye Movement


Clear vision at a distance or visual acuity – Snellen Chart Test.

Eye positioning in relation to both near and distance target fixation – Eye Alignment or Cover Test.

The ability to move both eyes together smoothly, in all positions of gaze (right, left, up, down, diagonally) – Ocular Movement Test include saccades and purest movement.

The ability to achieve clear vision at near targets – This test is done with R.A.F Near Point Rule.

The ability to move both eyes together to an inward position following a target at near distance – This test is done with R.A.F Near Point Rule.

Cranial nerve functioning – test the functioning of the 3, 6 and 4 nerves which control eye movement, focus and convergence.

Assess the ability to see things in three dimensions or in stereopsis – The Fly Stereo acuity test.


Assess the ability to maintain binocular single vision in all positions of gaze and all distances. Any lower functioning in the binocular system may leads to visual perception issues – Fusion, fusion reserve and fixation tests.

Assess any observed eye disease of the front and back surfaces of the eye – Pathology test.

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